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Weddings and elopement calander for 2021 is open!

Have you already booked your elopement photographer for 2021?

No? Then this post is mainly for you, but also for you guys out there who have had to move to your 2020 wedding due to Corona. Maybe you are like me and even allergic to doing what everyone else wants you to do, or worse expect you to do. Why not do something different? Or something you actually want?

I have some dream destinations for elopements where I give you a 10% discount on the 12h package if you choose me as your elopement photographer and book me at one of my dream places.


Photo: Me

Elopements 2021!

Here comes my list of dream destinations!

1. Provence. Choose a picturesque mountain village. Here you can choose a medieval church or outdoors. You choose.

2.Iceland. Need I say more than waterfalls, vast expanses and cool environments.

3. Cornwall (England)

4. Scotland. Loved Scotland. Loch Lomond, or somewhere along the coastline.


6. Italy

7.Alberta, Canada.

8. Lofoten, Norway

9. New York

10. Santorini

I absolutely love to plan an elopement (like, it´s the most fun there is)  and I am more than happy to help you with the details, so it does not have to be stressful or difficult to plan for you.

Because, everything is possible and you deserve to celebrate your love the way YOU want!

Adventure elopement

Photo: Me

So you have decided to get married in 2021 and you have a preference for timeless wedding photos in epic environments?

Hooray and congratulations! Then you have come to the right  elopement photographer!

If you choose one of these places, I give you a 10% discount on the 12-hour package and if you also choose to get married on a weekday, you get an additional 10%!

So now you have the chance to get married in an epic place and bring an awesome elopement photographer! 🙂

Send your booking request today!

Now it’s time to pop the champagne!


Adventure elopement
4 anledningar att överväga elopement
Bröllop 2021
Planera elopement, bröllopsstress, bröllopsbilder, bröllop utomhus, Sverige, Fårö

Photos : Me

The pictures above are from Provence and I am more than happy to go there again!

Here comes some inspiration pictures that I found on Pinterest.

Intimate, epic and absolutely jawdropping beautiful!

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Patrick Edge

Cornwall, England…yes what do you say … sea, sunset light and a wreck …. YEEEEEESSSS!

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Unknown

Scotland, which I long to return to there … again and again I will return … yes you understand why …

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Emily Delamater Photography 

Scotland again … Ruins, history and gorgeous greenery ..

Photo : Sarah K Byrne & Dylan M Howell

Check out my packages here

Do not hesitate for a second to hear from you, so we can start planning your wedding day!

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Rob Dight

Ireland…. you had me at hello….. Stunning country, awesome views…. perfect to celebrate your love. 

Bröllop 2021
Bröllop 2021
Bröllop 2021

Photos: Sean Carr Photography

Alberta Canada…. Well what do I eve write…. ? One with nature maybe…?

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Melissa Marshall

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Melissa Marshall

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Okänd

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Sarah K Byrne & Dylan M Howell

Iceland… jawdropping land… All I can say is this is perfect for an elopement

Bröllop 2021

Photo : Sara Norrehed

Fantastic Gotland, this is the Furillen Factory. You get a discount if you book this spot ….

Such a cool place …

When we are a bit little closer in distance, I want to tell you… Fårö. There are few places that make me feel like this little jem….

But if you choose to book here, you get the discount!

Bröllop 2021

Photo: Me

I love to travel, and I love elopements and weddings.

Documenting your day and creating memories that take you back to your day for the rest of your lives is my greatest of passion.

Good luck with planning and I look forward working with you!

Contact me for more info here

For more inspiration, check out my instagram here

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